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Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 04:20:30 CDT

That depends on the music you're hearing. If it's classical, generally, vinyl
is infinitely better than CD. If you're willing to spend some bucks on good
sound equipment, especially top quality turntable and speakers, (That's the
machine that turns that big black vinyl disc. ;-)

The music you hear is as clear as any cd AND without the pops and clicks,
too! Best, the music is rapturous, no hardness, easy on the ears and the air
behind the instuments is wonderful, you don't know what your missing until
you compare the two mediums. You'll be stunned!
It's like hearing the difference between a Stradivarius and a country fiddle.
The CD reproduces the sound but doesn't come near the sweetness and lyrical
quality a good vinyl record can reproduce.
If your listening to rock, country, rap, blues, etc, the frequency range of
the music is easily duplicated by the CD. But, classical music is another
story. Commercial CD 's can't or won't reproduce a frequency below 20 Hz and
vinyl can, even down to 15HZ!. Though, your ear can't hear it, you can feel
it and it's the "air" behind and surrounding the instruments that is recorded
on those micro gooves.
The CD is plain flat sounding. It hurts the ears. (I believe, its the
compression that cause that. Don't know for sure.) Sorry for getting off
topic. But, do a search regarding vinyl records / sound quality / CD. As far
as Im concerned, vinyl like the Newton will never die.

>Give me digital media over vinyl anyday, sorry. I've got a hundred or

>so old vinyl LP's that I never bothered to get rid of when I started

>buying CD's (back in '84), and getting any decent playing quality without

>pops and hisses and such is impossible. One of these days I've got to

>convert 'em to MP3 or AIFF and burn them to CD-R, either as MP3's or true

>CD's. The latest SoundJam update allows this, I think. And getting

>600+ minutes of audio on CD-R via MP3's is gonna go places, in car

>stereos, etc. I've already seen CD players for sale that will play

>CD-R's with MP3's on 'em.
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