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From: Kenny Song (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 10:44:06 CDT

On Thu, 27 Apr 2000 Bill Davis wrote:

>MP3's just will keep getting
>better and better and hopefully finally do away with rotating media at
>all one day, at least for audio.
> - Bill
I just got a Rio Diamond 500 mp3 digital player (94 MB) and when I plugged it directly into my auto's preamp system, I can't hear a difference from my MD or CD (in-car). Those are tracks I encoded myself using N2MP and the quality is really good. If I encode at 160 instead of 128, I can't really hear a difference even with a good stereo headset.

I am of course refering to main stream music like pop, rock, folk, country etc and not audiophile music with really wide dynamic range. That I doubt even CDs can do a good job. Perhaps Audio DVD might. We'll see.

mp3s advantage especially the portable units over MD or CD is size, battery consumption, skip-free and non movable parts (no mechanical wear and tear). The Rio is only the size of a PC Card Case with the thickness of an AA battery which incidently provides 13 hrs of non-stop music.

And with USB, downloading 60 mins of music takes about 4 mins. Ultimately, I think most of us embrace the digital format over analog for convenience and format durability not to mention the ease of getting decent sound from even cheap systems.

Kenny Song
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