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From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 16:46:26 CDT

on 28-04-2000 5:00, Kenny Song at wrote:

> I just got a Rio Diamond 500 mp3 digital player (94 MB) and when I plugged it
> directly into my auto's preamp system, I can't hear a difference from my MD or
> CD (in-car). Those are tracks I encoded myself using N2MP and the quality is
> really good. If I encode at 160 instead of 128, I can't really hear a
> difference even with a good stereo headset.
> I am of course refering to main stream music like pop, rock, folk, country etc
> and not audiophile music with really wide dynamic range. That I doubt even CDs
> can do a good job. Perhaps Audio DVD might. We'll see.
> mp3s advantage especially the portable units over MD or CD is size, battery
> consumption, skip-free and non movable parts (no mechanical wear and tear).
> The Rio is only the size of a PC Card Case with the thickness of an AA battery
> which incidently provides 13 hrs of non-stop music.

Since traffic is relatively low on the list at the moment I'll indulge a
tiny bit more. (until somebody start to holler that I have to get back to
the subject ;-)
And BTW, this has at least a bit to do with Newtons since there were so many
requests for a MP3 player it might be a good idea to bring the general idea
across that the sound of MP3 isn't all that good (biggest understatement I
made in a while)
Forget about Audio DVD, still "in development" and not all that great so
The next wave will probably be uncompressed CD's (can't remember the name of
these next generation machines at the moment) until they tell us in 10 years
from now that they're was still some compression used of course ;-)
(I might have been watching too many X-files or Oliver Stone movies
BTW, doubtful if this one will be popular, they want to put a water mark in
the CD's as well so no illegal copies anymore.
What I read from listening tests in magazines is that these give exactly
what most CD's and players are missing (and yes, vinyl has) at the moment,
I would like to add as well, that sorry, but all this doesn't only go for
classical music, I might be the only lunatic on the list that has one of
these ridiculous sound systems at home, but I hear the difference between an
original Red Hot Chili Peppers CD and a burned copy, I'm not even mentioning
MP3 here (!) again, mostly loss of depth.
Ah, life is difficult when you spend too much money on insanely great stuff,
but than that's not a point that really has to be made among Newton users
Maybe the moral of the story is simple, you don't know what you've got 'till
it's gone.....

Robert Benschop

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