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From: Isaac Tüftler (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 16:06:51 CDT

>Laurent Daudelin <> :
>question is: is it possible in any way (using NewtonPress or Bookmaker) to have a
>book supports multiple resolution, and if so, how???

It should be: With Newton Press you can create book-pkg for different sizes.
Collect the information in the rendering slot of every pkg. Combine it with the rest
of a pkg and you should have a book with several sizes.

Ok, you have to do a little bit of (hand-)work and to know pkg-formats.

My studies of Bookreader and book-pkg's with VFrame and also the f-files of Bookmaker
let me think, that the rendering-array could contain as many sizes as wished.
The Bookreader takes care to present only the sizes fitting to the screen.

I tried once to find out, where bookmaker has its pagesizes stored, but failed.
My wish was to modify BM so, that it allow me to choose more sizes, not only
help or normal. As brute force method i was also willing to hack BM-copies
(just changing the size-bytes with a hexeditor), so for every size I would
have to use its own BM. In either case I wanted to cut&paste the rendering part
of the f-files ---> should be the same as above.
But except a string i couldn't find anything usefull. To be more specific: I
found some occurence of bytes with the normal pagelength, but changing it did
not change resulting f-file.
Perhaps its hidden in some calls to Windows-routines, which appear to be used for
render-calculating. I would like to know.

Greetings from Germany
I. Tüftler
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