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From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 16:12:35 CDT

Stainless Steel Rat wrote:

> * "Laurent Daudelin" <> on Fri, 28 Apr 2000
> | My question is: is it possible in any way (using NewtonPress or
> | Bookmaker) to have a book supports multiple resolution, and if so, how???
> The problem is that a Newton Book is a lot like an Adobe PDF file. The
> pages are laid out for a particular page size. You cannot dynamically
> reformat them.

Ah, OK! But, then, why this single preference in any book? Just to let you know
what resolution the book was made? If so, it's a bit confusing, since it looks a
lot more like it is inviting you to pick a resolution.

I've discovered that Newton books are much more like documents, even if each one
has its own icon in Extras. Whenever you're opening a book, the same application
is used to display it. Methinks then that the book is not more than a stream of
text, along with some pictures. So, to me, it looks a lot like a text document
you're opening in Word, for instance. Once it's opened, there's nothing that
prevent you from resizing the window; the text will just be re-flown to fill the
window's frame. Same for printing. You can print the same document on different
paper sizes, and orientation. I'm not saying you're not right, I'm just saying
that it looks like it shouldn't be a problem to have a book with different
resolutions. In fact, Apple should have made the book reader application fully
resizable. Why throwing a resolution into the scene? I understand why PDF are
tigthly bound to a specific layout, since they're supposed to represent a
document that was created with that specific layout. It's all about reproducing
the original document. But after using NewtonPress a few times, I didn't see
anything that would lead me to believe it is representing a layout So, I'd like
to find out if and how you could create a book supporting multiple resolutions.

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