Re: NTLK Photo of dirty stylus tip..?

From: Paul G. Grothaus (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 16:32:26 CDT

>>> Some time ago someone did some research into the source of scratches on the
>>> Newton screen, and published a photo of the tip of a dirty stylus taken with
>>> an electron microscope. Does anybody know where I can find the URL for this
>>> photo?

Earlier, I had written:
>> If memory serves me, this Photo was on the New York Newton Users Group
>> (NYNUG) page. I no longer have the URL. Any former members of NYNUG on the
>> list?

To which Loren Finkelstein replyed:

> NYCNUG is still alive, in the form of NYCDAUG (Digatal Asst. User Group)
> The url is
> But, I was unable to find the picture on the site.

I combed through this site and found the following in the meeting minutes
for 1997:

NYCNUG Meeting Minutes for July 10, 1997
.... Tom Deering went "to the video tape" and allowed us to see a close up
view of his Newton stylus to discover that there were particles of dirt on
it that was difficult to see with the naked eye. He also showed us that
simply using a cotton swab does not work in cleaning it. He was able to do
this by hooking up a video recorder to a microscope. He played the video for
us. Tom's stylus was made by Cross (800) 510-9660.

I could swear that back in 1998, there was a link to the photo accompanying
this note. Maybe Loren knows Tom Deering and could check on this?

Paul G. Grothaus, Ph.D.
Hawaii Biotechnology Group, Inc.
Aiea, HI

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