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<< What are the rest of you doing? >>

  I Love My Newton and feel the same as you. Except for web browsing and
E-mail which although can be done on a Newt I normaly do at my desktop,
Newton is my primary computer.
  I had been working as small contractor and took some measurements and notes
for gutting and rebuilding a handicapped bathroom when a police man caught me
sliding through a stopsign.
  After finding out that I still had an out of state drivers licence, I was
over a year over due, he ignored the stopsign violation but said he would
arrest me the next day if I didn't get a new licience.
  Not wanting to find if he actually had the power to do this I went directly
to the Registry of Motor Vehicles where I was met by a line that went out of
the room, down the hall, out the front door and around the building ...
...two times!!!
   So while standing in line I got out my Newton and using Works I drew three
diferent floor plans and a written proposal. When I got home I both emailed
and faxed her the drawings and proposal directly from my Newt.
  Anyone who saw me couldn't help asking a dosen questions.

   It was very cool
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