NTLK Proselytizing the Newton

From: T.M. Camp (tmcamp@fusionary.com)
Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 23:36:40 CDT

So a few weeks back I was on a business trip to Boston and, of course, my
MP2K was along for the ride. My associate and I had to stand in a darkened
room for twelve hours a day and present the beta version of a client's new
website (which our company developed) to their customers.

My associate took notes on a legal pad of paper. I took notes on my Newton.
He pretty much admitted that his Palm III was woefully underdeveloped to
handle the task. After the first day, he asked to see my Newton.

He used to have a 110 way back when and so he knew his way around the OS.
After he had gotten over his penis envy for the Newton's far superior
user-centered design, he then was completely blown away by it's ability to
read his writing.

Go figure.

The short story is, halfway through our second day he was looking up FS
Newtons on eBay. Everytime a post comes through the list, I forward it to
him, just to tease him. He'll buckle soon.

Being part of a technology company, I sometimes have to defend my excessive
use of the MP2K to coworkers and the occasional savvy client. Usually,
they're singing the praises of Palm and it's market saturation ('It must be
the best thing out there, everyone has one').

I don't apologize for the Newton anymore. And I don't let anyone call the
Newton dead technology. It's zombie-tech. It might be dead, but it's still
walking around . . . and it wants to eat your brain.

Pointless, I know. But I can still remember stopping traffic in meeting
whenever I brought out my brand-spanking new eMate way back when. With all
of the twenty minute capabilities presentations I made for it, I could have
sold a boatload of them.

I know I'll never buy a Palm or Visor. They just can't handle what I need to
do. A Newton does 95% of what I need a computer (any computer) to do in my
Personal and Professional life.

However, I sometimes wonder what will happen if/when I lose the Newton
through accident, malfunction, or theft. Do I find another one? Do I try to
find a substitute like the Psion? Do I run through the streets rending my
garments and screaming profinities?

Is anyone else planning for a rainy day? I've considered buying another one,
just to have in case the inevitable happens. What are the rest of you doing?
Sooner or later, it will come to us all and, rumors aside, I can't say I
have a lot of faith in Apple to come out with a suitable substitute any time

Pointless, I admit. But it's late and I felt like talking...

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