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From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 09:10:15 CDT

on 30-04-2000 6:36, T.M. Camp at wrote:

> Pointless, I know. But I can still remember stopping traffic in meeting
> whenever I brought out my brand-spanking new eMate way back when. With all
> of the twenty minute capabilities presentations I made for it, I could have
> sold a boatload of them.

Maybe pointless by now, but I'm selling brand new eMates and I could supply
you with a boatload of them, though it will be the last boatload, these are
all of the eMates that Apple rounded up worldwide.
One eMate costs $ 425 with $ 30 shipping, after these are sold out there
might still be an occasional new one, but it will be exceptional.
They come in a brown box (they were originally for the educational market)
with all the manuals on the "eMate Connectivity CD" in PDF format (Getting
started, eMate Manual, Classroom Exchange, Teachers Manual, Newton Works
Word Processor's Manual, Newton Works Graphing Calculator Manual and the
eMate 300 Teacher's Guide) and also with all the original software.
(Newton Connection Utilities, Newton Internet Enabler etc.)
They also come with the eMate 300 Teacher's Guide in paper version,
(was meant for the teacher to instruct their pupils) a Mac connection cable
and one (European) extra adapter plug for the power adapter.
By the way, the original adapter works perfect in the US without any extra
In case you're interested just send me an email and I'll start the
transaction through i-Escrow (on you can read all about them
in their FAQ and register if you want)
This is the company that does my credit card handling and also acts as a
in-between for internet trade, they'll charge you 5% for it but in return
you get the eMate for 2 inspection days without any obligation to buy it,
so if it would be bad you can just return it.

In case you still have any questions or if you want to order one just email
me, I'll try to answer as soon as possible,


Robert Benschop

don't mean to spam you, so in case this offer doesn't interest you please
pass it on to somebody else, or just hit the delete button.

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