Re: NTLK Proselytizing the Newton

From: Olaf Bohlen (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 11:54:55 CDT

On Mon, 1 May 2000, Michael Manthey wrote:
> I've been closely watching the PDA-market over the last 2 years. I've tried a Psion Series 5 and the Pilot. Both are fine machines, and you shouldn't underestimate the pace at which you can use the Psion's keyboard, even if you cradle it in your open hand and use your thumbs. It's faster than the Newton - however: try to get a message sent and you'll see, why Newton is still unsurpassed. It's magic is the background interaction of all its applications. I'm in the real-estate business , and if there was something better suited to my purposes, I would use it. But there isn't yet. Take a note while walking with a client? Want an expose faxed on the spot? Or collect your email? And Newton is more. It was the first electronic book, using the Psion for that purpose is a disappointment, to put it mildly. I visited the CEBIT in Hannover, Germany, a few weeks ago. The only promising new concepts to be seen in the PDA-market were Handy/Organizers, combining mobile phone and PDA. The new Sharp Portfolio looks promisi
> , but it's still a far cry from what Newton can do. Newton is magic, it's like a friend, it has a soul. In the Center for Industrial Design on the fairground we met, 5 enthusiasts, beaming cards and packages at each other, and it sure was an experience to see how the visitors on this huge fair for advanced electronic devices assembled around us, eager to have a look at our MessagePads, as if they'd never seen anything comparable.
I remember ;) Well my MP130 was estonishing for the people at
the palm-stand - one of the palm-people asked me even to beam
him some of my utils and I had to explain him that his palm is
not capable for those :)

Michael, btw: I now own a MP2100 - you had a 2000, right?


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