Re: NTLK Proselytizing the Newton

From: Michael Manthey (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 16:50:06 CDT

Olaf Bohlen wrote:
"I remember ;) Well my MP130 was estonishing for the people at the palm-stand - one of the palm-people asked me even to beam him some of my utils and I had to explain him that his palm is not capable for those :)
Michael, btw: I now own a MP2100 - you had a 2000, right?"

Congratulations to the purchase. Yes, I'm still happy with my MP 2000. Very reliable.
Did you ever encounter the -10061 bug? I'm still a bit suspicious, after that experience I had with the buggy MP 2100, 1 MB System-RAM/4 MB Flash-RAM, German ROM, that refused to work. It wasn't a genuine MP 2100, after all, rather a mixture between or transition from MP 2000 and 2100. Funny thing.

Didn't want to break the thread, folks, but this is one of the guys from CeBIT. My humble apologies.

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