NTLK FS: Newton Accessories

From: Traci Collins (collins@cmc1.coloradomtn.edu)
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 12:59:32 CDT

Hi! I just sold my upgraded MP2000/2100 and that leaves me with a
number of Newton accessories, all in great working order and
condition. If you see something you might like please e-mail me with
an offer. Thanks.

Farallon PN595-TP Ethernet Card with manuals, cables, etc.

Megahertz 56k v90/x2 X-Jack pcmcia modem (worked well for me)

Print Pack Parallel to Newton Adapter

Newton Keyboard with Canvas case (with Newton Logo) for both Newton &
Keyboard while operational (makes them into a Newton Laptop)
including dongle.

Mars Executive Newton stand

Lucite Plastic Newton stand

Two original Newton power adapters, these will work with the
MP2000/2100 family but they won't rapid charge the MP2000/2100. I
used them because they were smaller than the MP2000/2100 adapter and
I liked have lots of adapters for the office, my desk at home, near
an easy chair, etc.

EZ2TV PCMCIA to either svideo, composit video or vga adapter. This
permits you to display your Newton screen on either a television set
or a computer monitor. The EZ2TV is still sold new for $299 and
Powerpoint compatible software is freely available via download which
permits you to actually display and run Powerpoint Presentations on
your Newton. Great product for anyone who has to make presentations.
Much smaller and easier to deal with than bulky laptops.

Teletype GPS software and accessories. Teletype provided moving map
software for the Newton which worked with standard GPSs such as
Garmin. I have a Garmin 12xp that I bought with the software as well
as all the cable to connect the Garmin to the Newton. I also bought
the optional car stand which holds the Newton and provides a power
connection to the Newton from the cigarette lighter. I would be
willing to sell all of this as a package, or I would be willing to
sell the car stand separately for people who would just like a car
stand for their Newton and I would be willing to sell the software
and cables separately for someone who already owns a GPS. I wouldn't
mind keeping the GPS and selling everything else.

Some of these accessories are pretty standard, some of them are
probably getting to be fairly hard to locate by now. If you are
interested let me know. I will be taking a little time to evaluate
the offers people make, if you would like to purchase something
quickly I would be happy to sell immediately to anyone who offers at
least half of the last known retail price.

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