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From: doppler (doppler@mac.com)
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 22:40:00 CDT

just saw this post on pdabuzz.com, thought others would like to read it.
maybe just a bright GREEN backlight is ok? ;-D


Have you seen the Palm IIIc? I bought one and returned it after just 2 days! Even the guy's at Staples (where I made the purchase) commented on how bad the display looked, saying..."it hurts just looking at the screen". It's awful, the screen is so badly pixilated it's actually blinding! You can see the bold black space in between each pixel, which is like looking through a screen door on a bright summer day. And certain colors are reflected which is painful on the eyes, it also has a tremendous amount of glare from the shiny surface of the screen. I actually found the Visor's grayscale display to be clear and more legible than the IIIc's! This is due to the low resolution (160x160) of the Palm OS. In order to have a clear display they need to bump it up to 320x240 like a Pocket PC. Plus the OS doesn't utilize color enough to justify making the purchase.

I wouldn't recommend the Palm IIIc to anyone. I think Palm "jumped the gun" by introducing a color enabled device before adding features to the OS that make color viable.


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