Re: NTLK Does eProbe Work on MP2000?

From: Josh Burker (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 13:29:49 CDT writes:
>A question to all you eMate users (and anyone else who might know the
>answer) -
> Does the eProbe software and hardware work with a Newton 2k?
> and, if yes, does anyone have a package for sale, or know where they're
> Thanks - Paul Harper

The documentation is very eMate specific and makes no mention of the MP2K.
 I just installed eProbe 1.0 on my UMP2K and it will not boot the package,
throwing an error then saying that the screen is too small. So it looks
like you have to run it on an eMate in order for it to run at all.

eProbe was written by Knowledge Revolution; I'm not sure if they're still
around, as the documentation I have is all from 1997. Email me off list
with any more questions.


Josh Burker

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