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From: Jim Anderson (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 13:43:29 CDT

> > Get a life guys. The Newton is dead. There ARE better
> machines on the horizon.
> >
> > I love the Newton too, and we still own a stock of them in
> daily use, but I
> > am not going down with the ship.
> What machines are better?

        Exactly. A couple of months ago I bought an MP100 on a whim (I
collect obsolete computer equipment. Geek.). Even with it's small store of
memory and crap handwriting recognition, I could almost see replacing my
Visor Deluxe with it. I ended up carrying the MP100 around to take notes
with, since I liked the screen size better. After a while I started looking
into the state of the Newton world, and eventually decided that I'd like an
MP2100. I got one a couple of weeks ago, gave the Visor away, and didn't
look back. I'm not exactly the biggest Apple supporter in the world. I've
never owned a Mac. I don't use this thing out of any sense of obligation or
responsibility to Apple, or Newton, or anything else. I use it because it
does what I need a handheld to do, better than anything else I've ever used.
I don't think this will always be the case, but right now it does what I
need it to do in a way that a Palm Pilot or WinCE just can't. I don't think
I'm unique, either. I think there are quite a few people who would find a
Newton better suited to what they want to do with a handheld (or a computer,
period!) than the current offerings on the market, and a bunch of us Newton
weenies rating our Newtons on pdabuzz just might get a few of them to take a
closer look at the things. Out of production does not equal obsolescence,
after all.

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