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Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 00:05:00 CDT

On 5/2/2000 10:27 PM, Mike King []

>Interesting developments for me is that the Pocket PC (AKA WinCE 3.0) has
>dropped most of the WIndows style UI, even the horrible 'START' button is

No, they didn't. They just removed the word "Start" but left the Windows
logo and function of the button and moved it to the TOP left of the
screen instead of the bottom left and moved the menu bar to the bottom
(where it looks like a status bar) and removed a lot of the 3D effect.

Big deal.

I've played with the new HP Jornada PocketPC. Awful, simply awful. I'll
take a Newton or even a Palm any day.

>I think WinCE is losing ground fast.

Yep. I agree. WinCE is DEAD. PocketPC won't save it. Palm's
marketshare continues to rise. The fact that microsoft let everyone
know the PocketPC update to WinCE was coming months before release didn't
help matters, either...what WERE they thinking. Maybe they figured
things couldn't get much worse? If so, they were wrong - Palm units now
have above 80% market share. And Palm didn't even have to resort to
(ahem) strongarm tactics (ooh, bad pun, sorry!) like Microsoft has to
insure the Windows monopoly.

Palm's falling prices and growing number of "clone" vendors, and
PocketPC's RISING prices and decreasing number of "clone" vendors aren't
gonna help, either. PocketPC's start above where Palm's STOP. How
smart is that?

Newton users may well outlast WinCE users!

 - Bill

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