Re: NTLK Show your support for the newton

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 09:50:54 CDT

Thanks Bill, not only for "defending" the Newt (if I thought that there was
a need for that myself I would have written something instead of pushing
delete right away) but especially for giving a short review of the PocketPC,
doesn't look like I have to run to the store to test that one out yet.....
BTW, just wanted to point out the fact that the Newton recognizes with about
90 to 95 % accuracy what I'm writing on it, pretty impressive given the fact
that I write in three different languages on it, just thought that I should
add this since anglophone people sometimes seem to forget that there are
people speaking and (more important in this case) writing other languages.
And Paul (Guyot) I switched off commons (attributed) (forward) and
recognition in other languages than English made quite a leap forward
(seems to use only the user dictionary instead of both, BTW, this is in
conjunction with alt..rec which is still going stable and strong)

Robert Benschop

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