NTLK Re: Proselytizing the Newton

From: James Simons (jesimons@bigplanet.com)
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 06:37:41 CDT

* "T.M. Camp" <tmcamp@fusionary.com> on Sun, 30 Apr 2000
| I don't apologize for the Newton anymore. And I don't let anyone call the
| Newton dead technology. It's zombie-tech. It might be dead, but it's still
| walking around . . . and it wants to eat your brain.

I don't remember who pointed out this little truism, but I will repeat it
here. Palm is the perfect size for carrying around, but woefully small to
use. Newton is woefully large to carry around, but it is the perfect size
to use.

Rat <ratinox@peorth.gweep.net>


OK, the palm is a "handy" overall size... and, this is one of it's strengths.. but, the screen is just so weak.. 160x160.. no real HWR.. (grafitti isn't HWR.. you have to learn it's alphabet)

it's a very sophisticated organizer.. the palm's emails are cut off at 8K.. think of the headers, and add in your text.. pretty weak.. it does a bunch of things, but none very well.. i think it has been successful, due to it being as "generic" as possible.. to appeal to a vast cross-section of potential users..

the newton is/was a market specific device.. everytime i use my UMP2000, i have to give a full demonstration of it's capabilities.. and, i blow most people away with the "think different" video.. then they usually want one..then i have to tell them that it was made nearly 3 years ago, and that the sociopath in cupertino stopped it..

(total rant) and, I HATE wince.. it's not so much that it is a ms product, or that it really does suck.. it's the idiots that carry them.. they just chap my ass.. (over)


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