NTLK NTLK. Replacement tip?

From: Stephen Beesley (sjbeesley@yahoo.com.au)
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 06:45:06 CDT

I remember reading somewhere, probably on this list In fact, that at least one person had success replacing a Stylus tip with a blob of glue. I think that they used some type of Superglue, but it might have been an epoxy type of glue.

Could be worth trying.
Stephen Beesley
I have tried very very fine sanding paper (2400 grit) and it is not
>smooth enough. I believe that the surface has to be burnished, this give
>is a hard glossy finish. If someone has an idea let me know because I
>have toasted two now. BTW any replacement tips for the origonal stylus
>around ?
Maybee you can use a heat gun, to heat up the plastic until it is just
soft, then smooth the scratch out with something can you?

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