NTLK RE: Proselytizing the Newton

From: Mike Stocker (MStocker@SmithersMail.com)
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 07:00:11 CDT

One of the advantages of the Newton being discontinued is that there is a
lot of new old stock (NOS) out there for a bargain.

To back up my well used MP130, I have a new unit that I bought on eBay. It
was from a vertical market inventory of spares.

I am planning to use my MP130 for the next couple of years. Then,
hopefully, there will be a wireless product with a color display available
for <$350 that will meet my needs.

I just hope that I am not waiting in vain.


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> Subject: Proselytizing the Newton
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> However, I sometimes wonder what will happen if/when I lose the Newton
> through accident, malfunction, or theft. Do I find another one? Do I try
> to
> find a substitute like the Psion? Do I run through the streets rending my
> garments and screaming profinities?
> Is anyone else planning for a rainy day? (snip)
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