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From: Stainless Steel Rat (ratinox@peorth.gweep.net)
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 10:16:46 CDT

* Mike King <mikkel@market-research.com> on Mon, 01 May 2000
| Voting for the Newton achieves nothing - the pace of technology has
| already left it behind. Yes, it was way superior, and some aspects of it
| still are, but Jobs killed it. You'd be better off sending him hate mail.

Maybe you haven't been paying all that much attention, but aside from
color, everything that Palm is finally getting today, Newton could do years
ago, if not earlier.

GPS without a cable? Had it three years ago. Wireless paging? Had it
five years ago. Web browsers and mail clients? Had 'em three, four years
ago. Cellular uplink? Had it two, three years ago. Audio recording and
playback? Had it three years ago. Web *servers*? nHTTPDS is at least two
years old.

Technology is not leaving Newton behind, it is finally catching up.

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