NTLK Re DictMgr

From: Michael Manthey (Michael_Manthey@MagicVillage.de)
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 10:29:06 CDT

Robert wrote:
"I guess this question is mostly for Paul Guyot."

I used DictMgr in combination with Nick's Dix to override the built-in dictionary on my MP 2000 and install a German dictionary, instead. As far as I remember, Nick's Dix lets you browse your notes to install a 1000-word-dictionary based upon your own written material. In fact, the cursive recognizer worked surprisingly well in German, afterwards. There are still some snags, though, and the print-mode recognizer is faster and more reliable. Furthermore, the eMate does only have the print-mode-recognizer, so there isn't really much use for anything that overrides the built-in dictionary. Rather, I'd recommend to install Graffiti as an additional recognizer, which works fine in NewtWorks, although that is a bit superfluous, considering you have the keyboard.

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