Re: NTLK Re DictMgr

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 01:27:40 CDT

on 01-05-2000 5:00, Michael Manthey at

> Furthermore, the eMate does only have the print-mode-recognizer, so there
> isn't really much use for anything that overrides the built-in dictionary.
> Rather, I'd recommend to install Graffiti as an additional recognizer, which
> works fine in NewtWorks, although that is a bit superfluous, considering you
> have the keyboard.

I know, but it seemed nice to have the spell check actually check the right
language, which I guess I should have included in my original question.
Since the eMate will be used mostly with the keyboard in this case Graffiti
isn't a solution here, but I wouldn't use it anyway.
I use printing (in combination with alt..rec on the 2100 now) on both my
eMate and my 2100 and have an over 90 % recognition rate in different
"foreign" languages.
BTW, do you use alt..rec as well ? Should give you even better results in

Robert Benschop

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