RE: NTLK Re - does the OMP recharge batteries

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Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 02:02:58 CDT

In a 110 and 120 I just run some sticky tape around the middle 2 NiCd
batteries, works a treat.


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>I haven't a rechargeable unit in my paws to copy, could you tell me if the
>modification you did was to force in the small blue switch in the battery
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>>it is not pressed when you use the normal battery carrier. What you'd do is
>>make sure the switch stays down (not sure how to do this with an OMP, for
>>110...130 a piece of cardboard is sufficient
>I modified my battery holder to charge the batteries, I just got a small
>piece of plastic, and melted it in place, so it looked nearly the same as
>the original rechargable battery pack.
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