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From: Kenneth Wong (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 03:39:28 CDT

Yahoo Mail supports use of the POP3 protocol, meaning that you can actually
download your mail to your Newton and work on replies offline, at your
leisure, instead of online and worrying about draining battery and use of
your ISP account (unless you're using a free account).

Yahoo Mail can be accessed at and for
incoming and outgoing servers. Since I do check my mail from the web when I
don't have my Newton handy, and to keep specific mail available permanently,
I choose to Leave Mail on Server in the mail prefs.



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> >>Anyway I have just discovered that I can access my mail
> from the Newton with Newt'sCape.
> <
> Hmm. I had tried to get to Hotmail from Nethopper and it did not work. Is
> Yahoo the difference, or Newt's Cape? Can anybody confirm if Hotmail will
> work with Newt's Cape?
> >Why would you want to access Yahoo Mail from your web browser when you
> >get it using a POP3 client like SimpleMail or EnRoute?
> >
> >Kenneth
> Sorry Kenneth, but this is an easy one to explain, or maybe I don't
> understand the question. I have used Web based mail exclusively for more
> than 2 years now, and before that, regularly. I work on many machines, in
> many locations. Having local mail is definately the fastest, more pleasing
> way, but with the simplicity of having all my mail on hotmail, I will take
> the cut in speed. Actually, I would really like to find sometime to see if
> one of the XDrive servers or similar places would work to have each of the
> computers I work on access the same volume of information/directory path.
> Am I missing something here? Have you figured out a way to get the benefit
> of remote mail with local mail servers?
> Thanks!
> Drew

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