Re: NTLK Questions, questions...

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 15:54:40 CDT

on 01-05-2000 2:03, Marco Mailand at wrote:

>>> BTW, doubtful if this one will be popular, they want to put a water mark in
>>> the CD's as well so no illegal copies anymore.
>> What, make each and every one different, and track who buys it, and when
>> they sell it to somebody else?
> Who will track the CD's and how could it be done? To fine someone would
> it be necessary to show that two CD's with exactly the same watermark
> exist and have been used anywhere on this world at the same time.
> Legally is it allowed to make up to three copies from audio, AFAIK. Any
> as soon as one uses the more expensive Audio-CDR's he paid already the
> license fee.

Sorry, wasn't answering this thread anymore 'cause there was something
Newton related in it in the beginning, don't think so now anymore, but since
I started this one......
The watermark won't be copied (will probably physically on the disk itself,
and probably linked to the data) and the next generation readers won't read
a disk that doesn't have it. All I know so far.

Robert Benschop

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