RE: NTLK Basilisk II for Windows success with Newton

From: Jon Shurtleff (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 16:43:08 CDT

It's not so important to me how long it takes since it's unattented and I
can just let it sit and do it's thing. What is important is that it's
reliable and it never has been on a PC or my Powerbook, but my Powerbook
only has 32Mb of RAM so I would have to use VM to crank NCU's allocation to
60Mb. I wonder how well that would work. My Windows Laptop 'only' has 64Mb
and by the time You figure just Windows and B II running with 48Mb of RAM
it's probably into the VM also. Maybe that's why it's slower. Don't know
but if it's reliable I'm happy. I'll try upping the RAM and the NCU
allocation though and see what happens.
I actually have a 64Mb card for the PC laptop which is currently sitting in
a customers machine at work as a troubleshooting step. That would bring it
up to 128Mb and when I get that back I'll have to see what happens.


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On 4/23/2000 2:35 AM, Jon Shurtleff
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>But that whole issue is a huge can
>of worms. In any case, Basilisk is configured to think it has 48Mb of RAM.
>It also seems to crash if you try to use virtual memory. I set NCU to use
>25Mb. This allowed me to backup my Newt with no problem although it took
>least an hour. I don't know if that's typical for an Ethertalk backup.
>total size of the internal and card backups is about 33 Megabytes.

An HOUR? That's about 4-6 times too long. I back up a 2100's internal
memory, a 20MB card and a 6MB card in about 10-15 minutes over Ethernet
using a Farallon card. That's a full backup (I never do incrementals).
I am using a G3/250 PowerBook,though. Perhaps the emulator is slowing
you down a lot, or you need to give it more RAM. I'd say it's more
likely the latter.

I have NCU set to 60MB. (You should give it at least the amount of RAM
it defaults to, PLUS the amount of RAM and RAM Cards your Newton has, or
preferrably more.)

The time you state was the time I was getting over LocalTalk (I don't
even want to THINK about serial!)

  - Bill

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