RE: NTLK D-Link Ethernet PC Card

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 18:07:35 CDT

Well, I've tired of trying to get one of my two
network cards to work in my Newt...(I've got a USR
Megaherts 33.6 w/xjack and 10mbps. XJEM3336 and a 3Com
EtherLink III Lan+33.6, 3C562C/3C563C)They are dual
purpose cards, modem and Lan, and the Newt drivers
specifically say that they won't work, so I guess
they're right! (I guess if they're not doing me any
good, anyone want to buy one? I've got all the
So, I've placed an order with EggHead for that D-Link
DE-660CT. $44 w/shipping!
In the email below, it states "works fine with the
> ATLAN drivers on the Newton"
Now, are these drivers already there when I install
the NIE 2.0 packages Or is there a patch/driver I need
to download and use?
web/gadget guru

--- Laurent Chardon <> wrote:
> > MicroConnection lists a D-Link DE-660CT ethernet
> PC Card for $45.99, which
> > sounds like a great deal if this model is
> functionally the same as the 660
> > that was suggested:
> Yes, it works. I have the D-Link DE660CT card and it
> works fine with the
> ATLAN drivers on the Newton. It's not the most
> convenient card to use as it
> has a sort of dongle (Another one! Can I not get
> away from those?) that's
> always dangling at the side (it's like a mini-hub).
> That's a minor nuisance.
> The card itself works perfectly well and is
> recognised right away from the
> Newt. I didn't notice an exceptional battery drain
> from it.

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