Re: NTLK New User With Memeory Question!

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 00:56:25 CDT

On 5/1/2000 2:33 PM, Michael Nerad
[] wrote:

>I am a new user to this users group. Please excuse me if I make any
>mistakes in seeking an answer to my question.
>I recently purchased a Newton 2100, and am just beginning to use it.
>So far, it is a fantastic experience. I have a particular question
>related to PC Card memory. Sony has a new memory system called The
>Memory Stick. It comes in 8,16,32,64 mb sizes. I know the Memory
>Stick will not fit by itself in the Newton 2100, but they now have a
>PC Card Adapter for the Memory Stick of any size. I checked, and it
>will work in any PowerBook with a PC Card slot. What I would like to
>find out from the experts I am addressing, will this Sony PC Card
>Adapter with the Memory Stick work with the Newton 2100? I hope that
>I can have a quick response to this question, as I need to get
>additional memory ASAP. Thank you for your assistance in advance for
>your expertise!

Sorry, no, it won't work. Nor will any other type of memory card you are
likely to find in local stores, even with adapters.

The Newton must have LINEAR FLASH memory (not ATA). It's an older type
of memory that's going out of style. The only place to get that these
days is mail order from places like Pretec or Tima Scientific or a few
others places/vendors.

See the FAQ for the Newton Community (URL below in my signature) for more
on memory cards and the Newton. Great place to check first when you have
questions, and the copy of it on my site (I just "mirror" it, I don't
maintain it) has a search engine.

Shameless plug: You can get a 6MB linear flash RAM card for $35 from a
fellow named Paul Braham - best deal around. See for
details. He contributes $1 per card sold to an Info-Newt reader to the
continued operation of Info-Newt. (He's only got about 300 cards left,
so don't wait too long.) These cards are for 2000, 2100 and eMate 300's
ONLY; they do NOT work in MP1x00 machines.

 - Bill

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