NTLK New User With Memeory Question!

From: Michael Nerad (neradms@mail.milwaukee.k12.wi.us)
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 14:33:04 CDT


I am a new user to this users group. Please excuse me if I make any
mistakes in seeking an answer to my question.
I recently purchased a Newton 2100, and am just beginning to use it.
So far, it is a fantastic experience. I have a particular question
related to PC Card memory. Sony has a new memory system called The
Memory Stick. It comes in 8,16,32,64 mb sizes. I know the Memory
Stick will not fit by itself in the Newton 2100, but they now have a
PC Card Adapter for the Memory Stick of any size. I checked, and it
will work in any PowerBook with a PC Card slot. What I would like to
find out from the experts I am addressing, will this Sony PC Card
Adapter with the Memory Stick work with the Newton 2100? I hope that
I can have a quick response to this question, as I need to get
additional memory ASAP. Thank you for your assistance in advance for
your expertise!

Michael Nerad

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