Re: NTLK DSL via Ethernet on Newton???

From: Drew Loker (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 12:33:08 CDT

>Should be. I use USWest DSL access to the Internet with my Newton 2100

Glad to here. One question though. How hard is it to go back and forth
between DSL connect and using the PCMCIA Modem? In other words, I want to be
able to swap back and forth so that when I am not at home, I can still load
pages, etc.

>You're gonna love DSL.

Cool! I am getting excited. I even poped the news on "the other half". She
wasn't even really all that bent out of shape. Actually, we have been paying
for a second phone line for internet connect for a several years now. The
only thing that is going to be a small inconvenience is that I have 2 line
phones all over the house and occasionally, we actaully are talking on both
lines. The feature of being on the net and talking on the phone is the real
asset here.

Anyway, I justified the $40/mo. DSL fee with the decrease of $16/mo from the
extra phone line, a dedicated connection with a real ISP(although I have
certainly enjoyed free internet access through FreeWWWeb and NetZero), and
the no wait concept allowing more consistent work. THis latter one is really
what I am hoping for. I have grown so accustomed to having 3-7 web browsers
open to accomdate the slow bottle neck. Even with a regular 48k-52k
connection, it is slow progress soem times.


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