NTLK List Outage and Virus Update

From: hostmaster@ideacast.com
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 13:34:34 CDT

As you may know, a number of computers have been infected with the "I Love
You" virus, and unfortunately some of those folks are NewtonTalk
subscribers. This caused the list to become heavily bogged-down in the bogus
(and virus-infected) email postings that can be caused by this virus.

This resulted in our needing to take the list off-line for about two hours,
clean up traffic, and return the mail server to proper operation. We'll
continue monitoring for problems, and will take corrective action as
required -- however, we don't think that additional problems will be caused
by this virus at this time.

Also, while we made every attempt to retain postings that were legitimate
during the time that the server was out of service, it is possible that some
postings may have been discarded.

For more information (and for precautions you should take in case you see an
email arrive that has "I love you" in the subject heading), please visit
http://www.news.com or http://www.zdnn.com for advice and news.

Newtontalk Administration
Ideacast Network Operations

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