RE: NTLK PKGs for Newton Quake and Backdrops for Avi's desktop.

From: Filmer, Paul E (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 14:10:23 CDT

I think this one got lost in the server outage, so I'm reposting... sorry if
it reappears later...

_Before_ you 'add' or drag and drop to Newton Press, you MUST select a
layout that accepts an image w/ bit depth 4, otherwise the extra info will
be discarded on import -

SO: make sure in Newton Press Edit->Preferences...->Platform you select one
of the six MP2000 or eMate choices _before_ you 'add' or drag & drop. (valid
for NP for PC, my Mac NP doesn't give me a choice, so bit depth 1 (b&w) it

Paul F.

        -----Original Message-----
        From: gavin @ hotmail []
        And now the question:
        2. I've read all the faqs regarding how to make an Avi's backdrop
        Newton Press, including renaming the file to A!:, size of
        converting the number of colors to grey but everytime, I bring the
pict file
        into Newton Press, it gives me a Black and White image, even though
        already reduced the number of greys.

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