Re: RE: NTLK Trip to Amsterdam and (Newton sighting at KFC in Germany)

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 00:43:31 CDT

On 5/4/2000 10:38 PM, []

> Now wait a minute don't get me wrong here pals I'm as much a
>Newt-a-mainiac as the next guy on this list but lets not be too critical of
>the poor man who obviously has been away from his "culture" for a long time

Who was being critical? I was joshing him! (Didn't you see the
"<grin>" at the end of the message)

>(if you want to call KFC a part of "American Culture", indeed as some
>Europeans would argue if you want to consider that we American have any
>culture at all, but that is another story). I for one would never go to a
>Burger King here in the states but after a year in a third world country I
>made a bee line for one when I got back just to reaffirm my Americanness.
>Then I went to a Cuban restraunt. ;-)

Hey, as a person who has a bunch of relatives in Kentucky, I resent that
remark about KFC... ;-)

Just kidding, just kidding!

Sure, we American's have LOTS of culture....our own unique one, blended
with all the OTHER cultures all the immigrants from around the globe have
brought with them and added to our great "melting pot".

Within a mile of my home we have culture from Italy, Mexico, Bosnia,
Ireland, Egypt, China, England, and on and on and on. I'm sure I'm
missing some. And those are just the restaurants and pubs (except for
Egypt; that's a place that sells Egyptian artwork).

>In a message dated 5/4/00 5:05:42 AM, writes:
><< Whoa - we may have to drum you out of the Newton Fanatics Club, er,
>NewtonTalk, for that offense, Jon! Putting KFC above an MP. For
>SHAME! <grin>
> - Bill >>

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