Re: NTLK Smackdown! (eMate vs. 2x00)

From: Michael J. Hussmann (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 04:38:21 CDT

Michael Manthey ( wrote:

> The OS should, and the manual confirms support of 16 shades of grey, but
> the screen looks different. At least, as far as I can tell from mine. The
> backlight seems different, as well.

Agreed, the screen looks different, but that's mostly because of the
eMate's bigger pixels. I've checked this by comparing grayscale pictures
on both devices placed side by side, and the eMate _does_ display 16
different shades of gray. The MP2100's display looks better because of
its higher resolution, but you can actually make out more detail on the
eMate's bigger screen.

> Have you ever seen a replacement kit? Couldn't get one over here.

Oz ( used to sell those, on the other hand,
replacing the cells inside a battery pack is apparently quite easy (ask
Robert Benschop) -- certainly simpler than with an MP2x00 battery pack. I
have a spare battery pack for the MP2100, but if the eMate's battery
should die, I will take the DIY route (which offers the additional
benefit that you can use higher capacity NiMH cells).

> The eMate is very limited, however, if you need communicability and
> data-exchange: sorry to say that, but spreadsheet-support is very very
> poor, the PSION is miles ahead on that one (not to mention a Powerbook).

I don't use spreadsheets much (if I did, there's always QF Pro to upgrade
to), so you may be right. The wordprocessing module of NewtonWorks, with
the added features of WorksBetter (obviously I couldn't do without a word
count), does all I want, and more. Export and import to and from MS Word
is painless.

I have a Farallon Ethernet card for data exchange and a Lasat Credit II
56k modem card for internet access -- both work quite well (on one
occasion, our ageing Powerbook fell apart and my eMate saved the day).

Michael J. Hussmann

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