Re: NTLK getting help from Apple

Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 07:33:58 CDT

>From: (Laurent Daudelin)
>"Paul F. Butler" wrote:
>> It sounds as if the figure that is normally thrown around of $180 for
>> complete service from Apple only applies to the original MP owner. Am I
>> right in thinking that those of us who have picked up our Newtons second
>> hand will be dinged for another $40 for a service contract?
>Huh? I wonder what this service contract would be good for. You're already
>paying for the repair, so why a service contract? To cover repairs? Then,
>that might do some sense. I've never been asked when I called Apple if I had
>a service contract, or if I was the original owner. How would they know?

I sent my MP-130 in for a cracked screen a few months ago, and I think I
mentioned to the Apple rep that I had bought it used from Shreve ( now
$129 with a Calise case; pretty good deal, I think). I don't recall
being asked about a service contract.

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