Re: NTLK Files with .nwt suffix

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 14:23:58 CDT

On 5/23/2000 4:46 AM, Gruendel, Frank 3837 PPE-WT
[] wrote:

>>While archiving, I noticed some attachments to my digests that
>>end with the suffix: .NWT. I tried to open these and they won't open on my
>>Mac. Probably a dumb question but, what are these files and how do I open
>The source files from Steve Weyer's excellent NewtDevEnv tool usually have
>suffix. These are plain text files, drop them on BBEdit, SimpleText or
>text editor you use and you should be able to open them.

I think they also happen when someone is sending their message from a
Newton and forgets to check the "text only" box in the routing slip.
(Thank goodness it remembers it once you set it!). Evidently if it's not
checked it sends the message in MIME format so that you get a text
version AND a Newton-formatted-text version (with text

That's more likely what's happening here since it came with his digest
and I don't believe the list normally allows attachments to pass through,
but some email clients, such as mine [Claris Emailer] will take MIME
segments they don't know how to deal with and treat them like
attachments. Doesn't happen too much anymore (we've jumped up and down
on the Newton email newbies too much about it <grin>) but I think I did
get one of those recently. Usually someone sends them a private email
about this and how to correct it and it stops happening.

 - Bill

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