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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 14:31:16 CDT

On 5/23/2000 7:33 AM, [] wrote:

>Are there any Aloha 2.7 users out there? Just tried to get my AOL email
>yesterday and the program couldn't get past the "Ignoring headlines" point.
>Hardy now lists Aloha as "discontinued" on his website. Is 2.7 no longer
>supported by AOL? In anticipation of this I have setup some free email
>accounts. Freewwweb now seems to work fine using Eudora Pro. Have had
>configuring Yahoo. My question is: is there anyway to access my aol email
>the internet using Eudora. Tried with Nethopper and hit a dead end.
>Thanks in advance.
>Myron Lutzke

Can't help you with your ALOHA questions much, but Hardy's had a lot of
trouble keeping it working, since AOL keeps changing things and they
don't seem to give him their protocols or changes. I think ALOHA is
(pardon me, Hardy, if you're still listening) something of a hack (the
good kind, not the malicious or irresponsible kind.)

To answer your question about the possibility of accesing your AOL mail
via the Internet using Eudora:

NOPE. Not possible. Give up.

AOL doesn't use Internet standard POP3 and SMTP (or IMAP) compatible mail
servers (at the moment anyway, with no change in sight), so you're
(probably intentionally) locked in to using the AOL software to access
their mail, although you MAY possibly be able to access their mail via a
web browser (not sure, and even less sure it'd work from a Newton web
browser, although if one worked it's likely to be Newt's Cape or maybe

I'd suggest just dropping AOL completely. It's too restrictive.

 - Bill

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