NTLK Connection Cable To PC

From: Mad Marty (madmarty@bigfoot.com)
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 18:28:45 CDT

Hi there,

I recently got given an MP120. It is really cool and everything, but I want to be able to connect to my PC. I have downloaded NBU
and well, loads of stuff. All I need now is a cable. I have the Mac one (9 pin din) and reckon I could go ahead and buy an adaptor
from my friendly Maplins (like a Tandy or Radioshack (electronics store?!)) that would connect the two. I have seen a serial to mac
adaptor, but my question is - can I do this? Are there any dongles or anything needed? Am I being too cheap? Where can I get the
proper thing from at a resonable price?

Also, what type of power adaptor does it use? I notice on the back that it is rated 7V - can I stick a 6V adaptor in there? Note it takes
(4*1.5V batteries) 6V from the batteries. Will normal ni-cads do if I can't do that (or as well?)

Thank you for your time!

Mad Marty
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