Re: RE: NTLK Newton dead...

From: Josh Burker (
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 18:09:00 CDT writes:
>I don't have an AC adapter for it. Know where I can get one?

I bought mine months ago from smalldog ( for $30 U.S.

Have you been using alkaline batteries in the "cage" or have you been
using a Newton rechargeable? The reason why I'm asking is that Laurent
suggested that the battery "pins" may have gotten bent.

My MP2K won't run off of the rechargeable battery at all- and I think it
has to do with these "pins." So for now I am just using alkalines and
dealing with it.

If you've been using alkaline batteries in that battery "cage", according
to Kenny Song, you might have accidentally bent these battery connector
pins. So a rechargeable battery might not work.

Just a thought- let us know so we can help you more.


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