NTLK NCU, Palm Desktop, MP130 and OS9.0.4

From: Steve Dockery (sdockery@gte.net)
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 12:35:18 CDT

I'm trying to synchronize a Newton MessagePad 130 with Palm Desktop on my
iBook (running OS 9.0.4) through NCU.

I can get the data into the Claris Organizer file and can open the file in
Palm Desktop, but the next time I try to synchronize, I get an error saying
NCU can't write to the file (it's not because the file was open. I quit Palm
Desktop before I tried to sync). What am I doing wrong? I can create the
initial file and read it, but I can't synchronize with it afterwards.

NOTE: It is VERY important to back up your data before doing a synchronize.
In one of my attempts at synchronization, NCU crashed, and my Names and
Dates files were completely deleted. I had to restore them from a backup.
Fortunately, not much had been added since I made that backup, but from now
on I'm backing up every time I attempt to synchronize (if I can get
synchronization to work).

Any ideas, folks?

-Steve Dockery

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