Re: NTLK NCU, Palm Desktop, MP130 and OS9.0.4

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 01:26:07 CDT

On 5/25/2000 2:27 PM, peter brigg [] wrote:

>PS. to the previous message. Be sure that you select Organiser 2.0 as the
>type of file to synch to. The choice occurs in the dialogue box when you
>are setting up the "synch to" set.
>Steve Dockery wrote:
>> I'm trying to synchronize a Newton MessagePad 130 with Palm Desktop on my
>> iBook (running OS 9.0.4) through NCU.
>> I can get the data into the Claris Organizer file and can open the file in
>> Palm Desktop, but the next time I try to synchronize, I get an error saying
>> NCU can't write to the file (it's not because the file was open. I quit Palm
>> Desktop before I tried to sync). What am I doing wrong? I can create the
>> initial file and read it, but I can't synchronize with it afterwards.

It's not just a case of quitting Palm Desktop. As I recall, you ALSO
have to either switch to a DIFFERENT Palm Desktop file than the one
you're trying to sync with, or turn off the (I think it is) Instant Palm
Desktop extension (the one that adds the little icon to the right side of
your Mac menu bar listing upcoming appointments and tasks and frequently
used contacts) as IT has the file open....and thus you can't sync with
it. If you switch to a different file before synching, then NCU can get
to the file to sync since your "real" file is no longer open by Instant
Palm Desktop.

 - Bill

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