Re: NTLK Replacement pen

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 16:19:24 CDT

on 30-05-2000 10:31, Laurent Daudelin at

> Hmmmm, if I may, can I ask you if you ever got a Cross DigitalWriter in your
> hands? Granted, they don't fit the MP2000 pen holder, but as many here will
> attest, the feel you get from them far outweighs this.
> I had a PDA Panache pen, and still have it, but I'm always using my Cross
> DuoWriter. I also have a DigitalWriter. As a Newton user since 1993, these are
> the best pen available, IMHO...

But there's exactly where my "problem" lies, if it doesn't fit the Newton
I'll loose it, guaranteed (after all it's a virtue to know oneself ;-)
So I think I'll go for the improved though not perfect PDA Panache, and keep
wishing that Cross will make one that will fit in the Newton even though I
know that that won't happen..... (..................dreamin'..............)
BTW somebody from PDA Concepts mailed me about the Pilot Pentopia, any
comments there ? (though again, that one doesn't fit in the Newton)

Robert Benschop

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