Re: NTLK Replacement pen

From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 16:19:26 CDT

on 30-05-2000 10:31, Laurent Daudelin at

> I had a PDA Panache pen, and still have it, but I'm
> always using my Cross DuoWriter. I also have a DigitalWriter. As a Newton user
> since 1993, these are the
> best pen available, IMHO...

Which brings me to my next question (BTW, if I'm rambling I'm trusting you
all to tell me to stop)
Did anybody ever try one of the "normal" Cross pens in a Newt, would be
interesting if it would fir since they sell: "the Stylus refill from Cross.
With this simple refill, any Cross Ball-Point pen can be used in combination
with your PDA" for $ 6
Would be a match in heaven if for instance one of the Classic Century would
fir the 2x00, anybody ever tried this ?

Robert Benschop

Oh, Laurent, if you want to sell your PDA Panache pen that you're not using,
just let me know ;-)

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