NTLK A few questions..

From: Harold_Clitheroe@cpr.ca
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 09:43:31 CDT

Ok.. after a long hiatus, I'm back.. (in 1996, I was mugged
and my MP2000 was stolen..) I was unable to get a replacement
and was forced to deal with the evil minions of Palm and CE.
Last month, I turned 50 and my son rewarded me with an MP100
he found on Ebay.. That got me back in the groove, so after much
work, I'm the proud owner of a nearly mint MP2100. Fortunately
I kept most of my old 2000 software. Its so good to be back
to a super-PDA that actually is useful and productive.
Anyway.. my questions..

1: Flash ram cards..
      Can I use the flash ram cards for a Cisco router in my Mp2100
2: Web browsing..
   I got my 3com ethernet card to work, and at home I have no problems
plugging into the hub to my cable modem and surfing/emailing..However,
when I use it at work (NT network), I can get an IP address, but no matter
how I try with nethopper, I can't seem to get proxy authentication working.
Is there some difference in the way the newt sends authentication? Our firewall
is Firewall 1, with Steelbelted Radius doing authentication


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