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From: Kenny Song (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 11:50:07 CDT

On Wed, 31 May 2000 Peter Kenney wrote:

>How do you transplant a Cross tip to the Panache. I have two old Panache
Hi Peter,

Removing the PDA Panache tip is the easiest part. Just use a long nosed plier to slowly ease it out by turning. The tough part is removing the Cross tip. It took me a good half hour. This involve cutting through the metal tube and tearing them open carefully without scaring the soft Cross tip. The Cross tip's diameter is smaller than the PDA's so you need to insert it into a bigger tube then inserting that into the PDA stylus. I use the hollow plastic tube of a cotton bud (UK) or a Q-Tip (in the US). Make sure it's a tight fit or add a little super glue.

Here's the catch. Make sure the length of the installed tip is exactly the same as the stock stylus. If not, the stylus will not stay in the stylus holder or worse yet, it get's caught in the holder.

This is not a very difficult procedure and is well worth the effort if you like the Cross tip, the PDA Panache stylus and the convenience of a stock stylus in its original holder.

I've also cc this to the list in case others are interested.

Kenny Song
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