NTLK Need Newt's Cape advice.

From: Loren Finkelstein (Loren@Finkelstein.net)
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 13:07:51 CDT

I am trying to make a package out of a 736k HTML Doc.

I used NCU to put the doc into Works, and now I am trying to open it with
Newt's Cape, so I can save it as a package.

The first time I tried, I opened the doc in works and chose the Newt's Cape
option. I had Dashboard+ running, and I watched my heap go down and down as
the book was being created, until it just stopped at about 13k free. The
book was only partly done. (Page 231)

2nd attempt. I un-mounted my memory card, and remounted it without
activating the packages on it leaving about 363-373k free. I then activated
only Newt's Cape on the card, and from it selected the Works doc I am
working with. This got as far as page 281, approximately half way through
my document.

3rd Try. I rebooted without activating any packages - Internal or on the
card. This puts my free heap into the 400k range. I activated Works and
Newt's Cape only. This got me to page 354 (Maybe 2/3 of the doc).

Any thoughts? I could split the book into several smaller books. I have
done this in the past, but when I had the smaller books created, and I tried
to recombine them back into one (With Newt's Cape) it would die again.

Do I have to give this up?

Steve, is there any way to make this work with limited heap space?


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