Re: NTLK [HOW] Accent using Macintalk

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 19:35:55 CDT

>Now I am able to display the Hebrew words in my program, the next stage
>I am planning to do is using the Macintalk to pronounce the word.
>I was wondering how to set the accent of a word in Macintalk? And more
>generally, where can I find the documentation of Macintalk (I assume it
>does not exist?)? Or how do I send a string to Macintalk in

Macintalk for Newton works like the MacOS version.
What do you mean about an accent?
You can stress words, send data as a kind of phonetic coding.
However, it will always sound english (Macintalk Mexicano is not
available), and therefore some sounds cannot be pronounced.
Besides, I guess you cannot register a word to tell Macintalk to
substitute it to a previously defined phonems list. This exists, but
the list is not expandable, afaik.

Please keep in mind that Macintalk is not an official release from
Apple. All that have been said about it can be found while browsing
the links in the FAQ. (next update, tomorrow morning, i.e., less than
10 hours).

>Lastly, what is the best way to implement a large dictionary? Does
>NewtonScript able to handle large array well?

Umm. What do you call a dictionary?
If it is a list of words for use with recognition, then the best is
to make a dictionary part, as I described it lately on csnp.
(but you can use our tools first, in order to have updatable
dictionaries instead of read-only dictionaries).

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