Re: NTLK [OT] First 4 days as a Newbie Newton Developer

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 19:39:52 CDT

>I like to suggest to start a mini-project immediately, even before you
>start learning NewtonScript. You can design the GUI (graphical user
>interface), the structure of the program etc. For example my first
>mini-project is to create a program to help me remember the new Hebrew
>words that I learned recently.

LearnFast may help you, too.
(you can design additions to it to support custom fonts)

>Now, you will have to fill in the missing bits, the code. NewtonScript
>is not that much different from other programming languages, apart from
>the way its inheritance is implemented. My opinion is that if you can
>program in BASIC, or Pascal, you can understand the basic syntax of
>NewtonScript. Obviously, it will be great if you have access to the many
>Newton documentations like the "Newton Programmer's Guide", "Newton
>Toolkit User's Guide" etc.

Well, let me disagree.
NewtonScript is not procedure oriented, or events driven.
Sure, it looks like Pascal (or Algol), but it hasn't got a lot to do
with these, and a Pascal experience does not really help.

>Anyway, I am having such a great time so far developing for my Newton.
>Hope some of you can join me and many of the other Newton developers in
>the quest to provide more functionality or applications to our beloved




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