Re: NTLK Flash card battery

From: sunder (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 18:49:19 CDT

Chris Browder wrote:
> Frank -
> I've had an Apple 1MB and 2MB card and those *DO* have batteries in them
> (someone out there back me up... I don't have mine anymore...). They were
> backups.. to extend the 1 year frash RAM life of the card. After that they
> used the eMate compat voltage of the eMate and stopeed the battery with the
> 4MB card (there was no 3MB, 1, 2 and then it went to 4)... these are the
> Apple cards, I don't know about other manufacturers.
> --

I think those were SRAM cards, not FLASH cards. I used to have one also
for my 110.

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